Today, let's talk about Faber-Castell, a very historic feather family. Around 1900, Lothar von Faber succeeded in producing the brand's first series of writing implements in a pencil factory near Nuremberg, giving rise to the Faber-Castell brand.

Later, the von Faber family chose their granddaughter, Baroness Ottilie von Faber, as their heir. In 1898 Ottilie von Faber married Countess Alexander zu Castell-Rüdenhausen and the couple are known as Count and Countess von Faber-Castell, which gave the brand its name.

At the time, it was very rare for such a young woman to run such a large business, while managing her marriage successfully. His marriage brought new vitality to the family and the business.

The couple ran the business very efficiently and later renovated and extended the chateau, including hiring artist Bruno Paul for the design.

The Heritage Limited Edition is inspired by a corner of the couple's bedroom, in memory of the Count and Countess von Faber-Castell. Alexander's bedroom is also his office and offers a view of the huge factory.

The design of the feather is inspired by the color of the desk, reminiscent of the beautiful light that falls on it.

The body of the hexagonal nib is coated with an embossed green lacquer and engraved with a twisted pattern. Although the surface of the feather looks dark, it may change color depending on the incident angle of light, beautiful and shiny.

Ottilie's office is also remarkable. The rustic wooden desk matches her favorite purple chair, with a delicate floral pattern on the fabric of the chair.

The purple color and pattern are skillfully used on the nib to create an elegant and prestigious appearance.

The nib cap and body are made of pure silver and the two-tone nib tip is hand carved in 18k gold.

These two nibs are limited to 1898 each, in honor of Ottilie and Alexander's wedding year, a real pair of pens!

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