How do you know if a Montblanc pen is original?

The problem

The market for luxury pens is unfortunately filled with counterfeits. It is therefore difficult to know whether a Montblanc pen is genuinely authentic.


There are many tricks and techniques to identify counterfeit Montblanc pens, but unfortunately none of them are foolproof. Some people may examine the quality of the packaging or the texture of the pen, but these methods can be misleading as counterfeiters are increasingly adept at reproducing fine detail.

The solution

The only way to guarantee that you are buying an authentic Montblanc pen is to buy it from an authorized Montblanc retailer , or to have an authorized retailer send it to Germany for authentication. This will ensure that the pen is truly authentic and meets the brand's high quality standards.

April 08, 2023 — E-boutique naudin CNITzhihe

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