Did you know ?

Faber-Castell only uses wood from sustainably managed perennial forests for its own production of pencils

1 tree harvested = 2 trees planted

Faber-Castell produces worldwide more than 2.3 billion wooden pencils per year.

Faber-Castell grows approx. 20 m³ of wood per hour, which corresponds to a truck load.

Wood-jacketed pencils used to be round. We changed their profile to make them hexagonal or triangular because they always rolled off the table.

Known and recognized for the manufacture of high-end wooden pencils for more than 250 years, Faber-Castell has extended its range to everyday design products . For nearly 10 years, we have welcomed this brand into our shop in order to offer our customers a wide choice of pens , office items and small leather goods at reasonable prices.

A dynamic brand concerned with the environment and fair trade , which will seduce you with its innovative products for both children and adults.

Come and discover the Faber Castell products who will know how to seduce you and accompany you on a daily basis. We also remain at your disposal for to fix Where recharge your writing instrument. Faber-Castell items have a 2-year international warranty.