Vincent van Gogh is a Dutch post-Impressionist painter, whose works are famous for their strong emotional expression and unique brushwork style. Here are some little-known stories about him:

Van Gogh was not a born artist, he was once a pastor and teacher. It was only at the age of 27 that he began to study painting.

During his life, Van Gogh sold only one painting, which was not sold until several years after his death.

Van Gogh was very fond of Japanese art and culture. He collected many Japanese prints and was inspired by them to create some of his works.

Van Gogh lived in a yellow house which later became the inspiration for one of his most famous works, "The Yellow House".

In 1888, Van Gogh lived with fellow painter Paul Gauguin in the "yellow house" in Arles, but their relationship quickly deteriorated.

On July 27, 1890, Van Gogh committed suicide by cutting his ear with a knife. Although this event has long been considered a symbol of Van Gogh's madness, recent research suggests that he may have been in extreme pain following an argument with his friend Gauguin.

Van Gogh's brother, Theo van Gogh, later published a book which recorded the correspondence between the two brothers. These letters revealed Van Gogh's deep emotions and thoughts and became an important source for understanding Van Gogh's art.

Van Gogh's works attracted more attention and praise after his death. He is considered one of the pioneers of modern art. Some of his works have sold for up to hundreds of millions of dollars at auction.

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